ABCI President Yogesh Joshi received PROPR award


TermeTuhelj, Croatia, : Exotic boat parties, boutique music festivals, … what better environment can there be in Croatia to create a festive environment and celebrate excellence during the PRO PR Award that was held at beautiful and scenic Art & Spa Resort, TermeTuhelj, Croatia,as part of the15thPRO.PR Conference.

Mr. Yogesh Joshi, President, ABCI, has been conferred with the most Prestigious PRO PR Award for his contribution in PR & Business Communication,for taking Indian Professional Body on an International Platform.

It was for the First Time that an Indian has been considered for an Award of the PRO.PR Awards that was founded in 2012, to commemorate 10thAnniversary of PRO PR Conference, the First International Conference for Communication Managementin the South Eastern Europe consisting around 17 Nations.

Besides his career, Yogesh built PR Industrythrough his dedication, persistence and sacrifice, selflessly shared his knowledge and experiencethrough teaching at various Communication Schools with a goal of inspiring PR profession. “PRO PRAwards is a story about passion and love towards the work in public relations which we shall proudlycontinue” says the President of Organization Board, Mr. DanijelKoletić.

Yogesh Joshi receiving
ProPR awards

This year, 18 awards have been presented. Amongst the other coveted Awards, the “Title of Vision CityAward”, was presented to the city of Šibenk, Croatia& the Award for “Vision Manager”, was presentedto Ms. Martina Bienenfeld, CEO of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Croatia. It was for the first time, PRO PRlife time work award was bestowed upon Mr. EkremDupanović, Sarajevo, Editor-in- Charge, Media &Marketing Magazine, Bosnia & Herzegovina, for development of Advertising & CommunicationsProfession in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia & the entire Adriatic Region.

The list of prominent winners of this year feature names such as Ms. Andrea Vaci, Head of MediaCenter of City Hall at the Mayor Office and President of City Assembly of Subotica, Serbia, Ms. VioletaColić, Managing Director at Communications Office Colić, Laco and Partners, Zagreb, Croatia;Ms. JasminaRoškar, Head of Corporate Communication, Posta, Slovenia; Ms. NatalijaMilic, Head ofCorporate Affairs, Brewery Trebjesa Ltd, Montenegro, Mr. Maxim Behar, President of ICCO & CEO at M3Communications Group Inc, Sofia, Bulgaria, Ms. EvridikaNikolovska, Head of Corporate Communicationsat Makedonski Telecom, Macedonia, Dr. Ms. Ingrid Vogl, MD, Scientific Senate of PRVA, Austria,Mr. Toni MuziFalconi, Director at Methods, Italy.