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A Mom who is a Dad too!


Pooja Tipre & Dinesh Sonawane

Nashik: Today it is a challenge for both the parents to take care of the children and manage them. However, there are some mothers who are playing the roles of both the parents. We find many single mothers who are playing the role of fathers too. Protecting, nurturing the children and standing firmly for herself and for them, she paves the path of life. On this Mother’s Day Deshdoot Times talks with single mothers to understand how they look to life as they try to balance being a Mom and Dad. We bring to you two such stories of courage, strength and grit as these moms play dual roles for the sake of their children.

trapeze Act
Ten years ago our’s was a happy world. We both were living happily with our child. Suddenly, my husband took ill and he expired… this changed the life for me and my son who was then studying in 10th standard.
It was a terrifying situation for me, a woman who was till then happy being a mother and a home maker as my husband played the role of the bread earner and decision maker.
My son was a teenager…he went into a silence and refrained from expressing his emotions. Perhaps, he was trying to protect me…and I..him. It was a tough situation and all I could think was of my child, his education and his normal growing.

It was then when I decided to step out of the house and take care of our business. All this was new learning for me. Preparing myself from within to face the outer world. While I was playing the bread earner and the home maker, I had to play the mom and dad roles both. There are still times when I have to be strict like a father and caring like a mother.
I have to shift between roles and take care of him. There are challenges, but both of us are now moving ahead with life. He with his and I too with his!
– Anamika (name changed)

Realizing Dreams
Me and my husband were separated, when my daughter was only sixteen months old. During this period, my brother and my parents encouraged me very much. I had to look after and support my child and so I took up a job with the railways. Work brought me to Nashik and the only thing I had was my daughter with me then. I was seeing her grow and I wanted the best life for her.

There were financial difficulties but we had to find a way out. My daughter is an excellent tennis player and her sport took her places. I could spot her talent and took efforts to support her. Her school helped and supported her studies. Today she has earned a reputation at the national level. I can see her as a good player in the making and I am leaving no stone upturned to ensure that her training in sports is not interrupted. As I struggle for my daughter, I face experiences of all kinds.

There are those who help and encourage and there are those too who criticize and pull you down. But I am not deterred. I want to help my daughter realize her dreams! I have tried my best to be her father as well as her mother.
– Vandana


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