88,000 farmers took loans upto Rs 1.5 lakh


Nashik: The district has 1.63 lakh farmers who have taken crop loan from the district bank, but as per government norm, the number of farmers who had taken crop loan by June end last year and have outstandings of upto Rs. 1.5 lakh is 88,000. These farmers are likely to get Rs. 535.47 cr as loan waiver.

If government approves the norm as per last financial year for waiving off the crop loan of farmers till March 2016, 1.20 lakh farmers in the district will become beneficiaries. Government has to give Rs. 831.12 crore to the district bank for writing off the crop loan.

The district bank has prepared list of those farmers in the district who have taken crop loan and mid-term loan as per government norm. It prepared the list of 1.88 lakh farmers who have taken oan to prevent confusion over period. It has been decided to inform the government that loan worth Rs. 1,504 crore is outstanding, but as government is planning to waive off the crop loan, currently it is possible that the district bank get Rs. 600 crore, hopes district bank chairman Narendra Darade.

Following government decision to write off debt of farmers, number of farmers inquiring about whether they are fall under that norm or not has increased in the district bank. Newly appointed CEO of the district bank Rajendra Bakal had last week conducted meeting of the divisional development officials and had ordered to collect information about those farmers whose loan is outstanding.

Accordingly, the district government has found out 88,000 farmers as per current norm of the government. Rs. 535 crore is likely to be given to them as loan waiver. Financial condition of the district bank is improving due to recovery. Rs. 341 crore will be added in working capital of the district bank due to demonetisation. As district bank will get an aid of Rs. 600 crore, signs are that the bank would be ready to serve the farmers again.