50% ATMs are still shut


Nashik : As there is no currency supply in enough quantity from Reserve Bank of India, citizens in Nashik district have to face shortage of currency. Currently, currency of Rs. 65 crore is available for urban and rural area of the district. Out of this, State Bank has Rs. 32 crore.

District has 900 ATMs. Out of this State Bank has 136 ATMs in the city. Around 50% ATMs are shut. Those ATMs which are functioning go dry within some hours. Rs. 2000 note is available at many ATMs, whereas Rs. 500 note is available at select ATMs. Citizens had faced similar currency shortage at start of May.

State Bank demanded Rs. 750 crore from RBI, but as there is no supply of currency, banks have preferred to make it available in banks itself. Salaries of government employees and pension of pension holders are credited every month from first day of the month to 10th day. If currency is not available in first week of June, citizens have to face cash crunch.