Rasbihari Int’l School organises ‘Book Character’ competition


Nashik : Rasbihari International School organised ‘Book Character’ competition for Nursery to Grade 5 students. In this competition, students could choose any book character they liked and dress up accordingly. Students had to speak few sentences about their chosen book characters.

Nursery to Sr.KG tiny-tots dressed up as Wood-cutter, Capseller, Rabbit, Noddy, Thirsty Crow, whereas Grade 1 to Grade 5 students as Emily, Cindrella, The Smart Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood, Harry Porter, Benjamin Stilton, Cindrella’s step sister Crrimella and Charlie Chaplin etc. ‘Use of appropriate costume as per the character, props, interesting start and attention of the audience, holding attention of the audience throughout the presentation and generated curiosity about the book in the audience, sentence structure, clear delivery of dialogue/speech, delivery of dialogues using appropriate tenses, eye contacts with the audience and use of proper intonation, gestures and facial expressions’ were the criteria of the judgement for the competition.

‘To increase (inculcate) the habit of reading among students’ was the purpose of the competition. Competition for pre-primary was judged by Meera Shingote, an owner of Chip and Dale Playschool, whereas for primary it was judged by Seema Bhargav, a teacher of K N Kela School. She applauded the performance of the students and appreciated the efforts taken by the teachers to teach them the art of speaking in public. Parent well left speechless by the confidence in public speaking of their wards.

The winners for the competition are as follows: Nursery : First – Dastarsingh Sadiora, Second – Kavya Deore; Junior KG: First – Shreya Vyapare, Second – Amitesh Anand Singh; Senior KG: First – Arnav More, Second – Aryan Bolij; Grade I: First – Prakshi Bavaria, Second – Saee Jadhav; Grade II: First – Shourya Shivraj, Second – Shravani Jadhav; Grade III: First – Siya Laddha, Second – Samarth Labhade; Gade IV: First – Soha Bhavsar, Second – Prasiddhi Jadhav and Grade V: First – Sneha Patil, Second – Sia Majali.