Illegal construction at Kamatwade demolished


New Nashik : The anti-encroachment department of NMC demolished illegal construction of 10×10 feet of room and 20×10 feet metal shed at Saint Joseph Centre on Shubham Park Road at Kamatwade.

A work is going on to remove unauthorised hoardings, encroachments and illegal constructions at various parts of the city as per orders by Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna and Additional Municipal Commissioner Kishore Borde.

Following instructions by Deputy Municipal Commissioner R M Bahiram, illegal constructions were demolished by divisional officer Dr. Sunita Kumavat, Mahendrakumar Pagar and town planning department engineer Sushil Shinde, two squads of the anti-encroachment department and one JCB. A strict action will be taken against those citizens, professionals and sellers who fail to remove their encroachments, warned the anti-encroachment department.