3000 people’s representatives in district to face disqualification


Nashik: Those people’s representatives who fail to submit their cast validity certificates despite the passing of six months period have to face action of disqualification. Election Commission of India has issued such instructions to the District Collectors.

As many as 3,000 people’s representatives who have been elected on reserved seats in local bodies in the district would face action. Following a decision by the Supreme Court, 19 corporators of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation had to face losing their membership as they failed to submit the caste validity certificates in time.

The Election Commission which has woken up after this decision sent a letter to all District Collectors and instructed to collect information about caste validity of those candidates who have been elected on reserved seats during local bodies elections.

Accordingly, the district administration collected information about those people’s representatives who elected on reserved seats in Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti, Nagar Panchayat, Municipal Corporation and Gram Panchayat. 3 members from Zilla Parishad, 10 members from Panchayat Samiti and 3,032 people’s representatives of Gram Panchayat would face disqualification.

Higher 387 members in Dindori taluka would face disqualification, while 231 members in Nashik would face disqualification. 12 members in Igatpuri would face disqualification, whereas 274 members in Trimbakeshwar would face disqualification and 53 members are from Surgana.

49 members in Deola would lose their membership, while 261 members in Baglan would face disqualification. 64 members in Kalvan would lose their membership, whereas 176 members in Malegaon would face disqualification, while 327 members in Chandwad would face disqualification, whereas 216 members in Yeola would lose their membership and 301 members in Nandgaon would face disqualification. 133 members in Niphad would lose their membership, while 266 members in 266 would face disqualification.