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253 dengue patients found in December



Dengue outbreak is still not under control in Nashik city and it has come to light that measures are not being implemented effectively by Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). It has come to light that 253 persons suffered from dengue in December. As a total of 1124 dengue patients found in 2019, it has been clear that there is a needed to implement effective measures in the city once again.

The city is witnessing an outbreak of dengue for the last two years. The situation was same earlier, director (health) had to take note of this. The health department conducted a special workshop to bring dengue under control and provided guidance regarding this, but it is seen that there was no much effect of this. Current Mayor Satish Kulkarni had convened an urgent meeting of the solid management department and public health department and ordered to implement measures to deal with dengue.

Recently Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishna Game formed a squad of doctors and instructed to implement measures. The health department had also been appealed to declare that the patient was suffering from dengue after certain tests.

Only 12 patients were found in the period between January to June 2019. Around 48 patients were found in June, 127 in August, 165 in September, 207 in October, 322 in November and 253 patients found in December. In this way, the number of dengue affected has reached 1124 in the entire year.


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