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25 TMC water discharged to Jayakwadi so far

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25 TMC water discharged to Jayakwadi so far

Gangapur dam 95 per cent full, 79% Water stock in dams across the district
Nitin Pawar

Nashik: The parched state of Nashik of only a few weeks back has been eclipsed by the incessant rains that have lashed the district in the last two months. As a result the water level in dams and catchment areas has been replenishing at a rapid pace.

Accordingly, the water stock in Gangapur dam which caters to Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has reached to 88 per cent till today evening. Meanwhile, citing the continuous inflow of water in past two weeks a total of 25,283 cusecs water has been discharged from district dams.

At preset 1,100 cusecs water is being discharged from Darna dam which is 98 per cent full of its total capacity. The irrigation department has also started discharge from other dams viz. Alandi dam 86 cusecs, Karanjwan 400 cusecs, Waghad 233 cusecs, Waldevi 16 cusecs, Chankapur 250 cusecs and Harnabari 99 cusecs.

Remarkably, according to the Nashik Irrigation Department disaster management officials, in past three months as many as 25 Thousand Million Cubic feet (TMC) water has been discharged from Nandurmadhyameshwar to Jayakwadi dam located in neighbouring Marathwada region.

As per the latest information provided by the Nashik Irrigation Department (NID) there has been satisfactory downpour in the catchment areas across the district. As a result most of the dams are above their 90 per cent mark. Besides the total water stock in the dams across the district has reached up to 79 per cent.

Whereas, last year on the same day there was 85 per cent water stock in the dams across the district. Till Today morning the district recorded 84.5 mm of rainfall. However, from June 1st to Seprember 3 the district has recorded a total rainfall of 12,414.8 mm.

The highest downpour has recorded at Igatpuri tehsil with 3,052 mm, followed by Peth with 2,195.9 mm. As per the reports of India Meteorological Department the district has received 85 per cent average rainfall for this season till date.

Notably, there are reports that the water stock in Jayakwadi dam located in neighbouring Marathwada region has increased by 40 percent in past two months due to the continues discharge of water from Nashik and Ahmednagar districts.

Ironically the local leaders from the Marathwada region are clamouring for more water from the dam to be released. Surprisingly, is where all the water which measures to 25 TMC that has already passed from here to Marathwada has been accumulating.

If this water is not there at Jayakwadi could it be that this water is being collected to suit the ulterior motives of local leaders to politicise the issue.


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