1900 farmers to go to court against Samruddhi expressway


Nashik : The opposition to proposed Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi expressway from Nashik district is increasing. As 1900 farmers from Igatpuri taluka have decided to rush to the High Court against the project, the way is difficult for the project. Opposing land acquisition for the expressway, farmers from Shivde village filed a writ petition in Mumbai High Court recently. Now, 20 farmers from Igatpuri taluka will fight court battle.

Land from Sinnar and Igatpuri talukas will be acquired for this 710-km expressway. Farmers from 26 villages in Sinnar taluka and 23 villages from Sinnar taluka have shown their strong opposition to give their land. Like farmers’ agitation, Nashik is centre of opposition against Samruddhi expressway.

The land of farmers in Shivde villages is irrigated. If farmers give their land for the expressway project, they will be destroyed. 101-km stretch of the expressway is passing through Nashik district. 3000 farmers will be destructed for merely 7-km road. Two-land Ghoti-Sinnar highway has been constructed eight years ago. Samruddhi expressway is crossing this highway at three places. Considering this, government should divert this expressway through Mhaiswalan route, mentioned the petition.

The option of land pooling and notice for direct purchase of land are illegal. On the backdrop of this, farmers from Igatpuri taluka are preparing to rush to the High Court. The farmers from Aurangabad filed their petition earlier. They requested to declare that new provision related to land acquisition in Maharashtra in Maharashtra Highway act are out of rule.

It also declare that circular issued by state government on March 13, 2015 and September 7, 2016 are illegal under this act. In addition, petitioners challenged government decisions on July 5, 2016 and January 5, 2017 regarding land acquisition through private negotiations and notice about joint land measuring through the petition.