150 road deaths every year on highways


Nashik: After taking note of number of road accidents due to drunken driving, the Supreme Court issued orders to close liquor shops within 500 m of highways. 6 lakh road deaths take place across the country every year. 12,000 road deaths take place in the state, whereas 150 road deaths occur in four districts falling under Nashik circle every year, as per statistics of highway police. This year, 60 deaths took place in 153 accidents in three months only.

Though condition of highways is better compaired to earlier, number of accidents is increasing. State and national highways have been widened to four lanes now. Over speeding is the main reason behind accidents, clarified the highway police.

The number of accidents on highways have increased due to speeds beyond 100 kmph, lane cutting, attempt to overtake, rash driving, road crossings near villages along highways, vehicle parking on road, no usage of seat belt and helmet and drunken driving.

325 accidents happened on state and national highways in Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar districts in 2016. 124 deaths took place in them, whereas 586 were injured seriously. Though there was decline in accidents than previous year, 153 accidents happened this year in a span of three months only and 60 persons were killed in them, whereas 199 were injured.

Pune-Nashik highway is leading in terms of road accidents. Last year 35 persons had to lose their lives in 104 accidents, whereas 182 were seriously injured. This year 9 persons were killed in 26 accidents, whereas 49 were injured.