14 dams in the district go dry


Nashik : Out of 24 dams in the district, 14 dams are empty. Six dams have gone completely dry. Only 5-7% water stock is left in remaining dams. The useful water stock in all dams has declined to 17% from 29% in a span of one month. The water stock has declined due to usage of water for fulfillment of daily needs and discharge of reserved water, informed the sources.

The district has total 24 dams including Gangapur, Palkhed and Girna dam groups. The storage capacity of these dams is 65,814 MCFt, but currently 10,940 MCFt water stock is left in them. Last month the water stock was 19,202 MCFt, but it reduced by 8,262 MCFt in a span of one month. The available water stock has declined to 17% from 29%.

Currently, Gangapur dam has 32% stock of useful water. Last year it was 25%. The storage capacity of the dam is 5,630 MCFt and currently it has 1,823 MCFt water stock. Though Gautami Godavari and Alandi dam have gone dry, there is no reason for citizens to worry, administration is stating.

Last month, water level in eight dams had reached bottom level. In a span of one month, this number has increased two-fold. Alandi, Karanjvan, Ojharkhed, Tisgaon, Bhavali, Mukne and Waldevi dams have joined them. Reserved water was discharged for Niphad, Yeola and Nandgaon talukas. Water was also discharged from the dams in Nashik for Ahmednagar. As a result water stock in the dams has declined sharply, sources are stating.