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102 criminals to be externed

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102 criminals to be externed

Nashik: On the backdrop of Lok Sabha elections, city police have started to take preventive actions in the city. As a part of this, lists of 102 criminals have been prepared for their externment.
38 criminals out of them have been externed, informed Commissioner of Police Vishwas-Nangre Patil on Friday while interacting with media persons at the city police commissionerate.
On the backdrop of the elections, the city police are taking preventive action for the last 15 days. 72 criminals against whom more than two offenses have been registered were probed earlier, whereas 74 criminals were probed on Friday under the exchange programme and their record has been prepared.
There is an emphasis patrolling on foot and motorcycle, he informed. Action on large is being taken against miscreants and cases have been registered against more than 175 miscreants. Police have succeeded in bringing down house break-in and other crimes.
45 actions have been taken under drunk and drive, Nangre-Patil also informed. Deputy commissioners of police Laxmikant Patil, Amol Tambe, Pournima Choughule and Madhuri Kangne were also present.
27% hardened criminals are rickshaw drivers
Police have recently taken information about 72 criminals. Of them, 20 are working as rickshaw drivers. More than 27% hardened criminals have given priority to become rickshaw drivers. As a result, loot of passengers, rude treatment to passengers and violation of traffic rules have become a cause worry for police. These criminals will no more to drive rickshaw. A strict action will be taken against those owners who give their rickshwas to them, warned Nangre-Patil.

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