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10.00 am : Siren time in city


Nashik: In every city and town sirens are installed at government offices. The office of District Collectors, municipal corporations, and municipal councils have installed these sirens. The sirens are very important in every city to convey about any emergency in the city or town. The sound of the siren is also made throughout the day on different timings.

The siren which was installed in the collectorate used to give a call at 10 is every morning. The siren was stopped recently as it had a range of only 5 km. The sources from collectorate have informed that now the new siren system is going to be installed in the city as the city limits have increased.

In the situation of emergency, natural disaster, fire outrage incidents or any emergency in the city is conveyed through the siren. The siren alerts the citizens at large. Previously, the siren which used to give a call in the morning at 10 am was silent from several days. From last year the siren has been stopped.

The city of Nashik is also spreading tremendously and the city limits are expanding every day. The central government has now ordered to install a new system in city.  The central government has appointed a private firm from Bangalore to install these new siren systems. The testing of the new system has also been done in Mumbai, informed a senior official from collectorate.

Why it was installed?
In the year 1971, Nashik was declared as a B group city. After that, the Civil Defence Force office came to the city. The office then installed the siren to alert the citizens in case of emergency, flood, fire or any such incident.


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