Unseasonal rain: 500 hectares of farmland affected in the district


Nashik : When Nashikites are suffering from intense summer heat, unseasonal rain hit the district on Sunday. Though citizens got relief for a brief period, farmland was largely affected. As per prima facie report by district administration, 500 hectares of farmland has been affected. 600 farmers were affected, whereas seven were injured. Onion and grape crops were affected the most.

The standing crops of farmers were affected by the unseasonal rain. Grape farms in the district were largely affected. Niphad, Baglan, Deola, Kalvan and Igatpuri were lashed by unseasonal rain accompanied by hailstorm. Onion, pomegranate, tomato and other crops were affected. 14 mm rainfall was recorded on Sunday in the district.

Grape crops on 69 hectares of farmland were affected, whereas onion crop on 78 hectares of farmland and vegetable crop on 90 hectares of farmland were affected. 237 hectares of farmland in taluka was affected. 328 farmers were affected. Grape farms of 10-12 farmers from Mauje Pimpri Saiyyad were affected in Nashik taluka. Panchanamas in this area have not been completed yet. 6 villages in Igatpuri taluka were affected. 60 hectares of farmland in this taluka was affected.

Standing crops on 177 hectares of farmland were affected in Kalvan taluka. 5 villages in the taluka were hit by unseasonal rain. As many as 600 farmers were affected by the unseasonal rain and 500 hectares of farmland was affected, as per prima facie report. District administration issued orders to make immediate panchanamas of affected areas. The joint squad of taluka agriculture officer and block development officer is conducting panchanamas of the affected areas