True patriots needed to save country: Brig Mahajan


Nashik: “ China, Pakistan, disloyals, terrorism in Kashmir and naxalites are our real enemys. Citizens should be united to tackle them. There is a need of true patriots to keep country safe, stated Brigadier Hemant Mahajan.

He was speaking while delievering second lecture of ongoing Vasant Vyakhyanmala on ‘China’s terrorism and challenges before common man’. Madhukar Zende, Sunita Bafna, Sangita Beni, P B Karanjkar, Meghraj Bafna and Shrikant Beni were present on dais.

While criticising media, Brigadier Mahajan said, “Publicity should be given to good things. It should not be given to those who are disloyal to the country. It is stated that everything is fair in love and war, but it is wrong to consider that everything is fair in war. It is a problem are we forgive Kasab. The number of liberals is increased in India. I felt that stand by media in this is wrong at somewhere. Liberals favouring human rights are increased. It is very bad that malcampaigning in connection with Major Gogoi case in English newspapers. People in the country should come together to fight against terrorism today,” he added.

“Terrorists want publicity only, so there is no need to praise them. We had divided Pakistan in two parts. Bangladesh in it improved. Terrorism will not end until Pakistan is there. There is a need to divided it into three. Thinkers in the country had criticised a lot. There is a need to come together against those thinkers who are going on wrong route. Currently, there is large scale violence in Pakistan. It is more aggressive because it has support of China. Indians should boycott Chinese goods. Following financial aggression by China in India, small scale industries in the country are shut down,” Brgadier Mahajan stated and added that internal and outside enemys should be identified.

Today, common is breaking the laws. Number of faithfuls is decreasing. Contribution by everyone is needed in socially useful things like security and electricity in the country, he said.

Madhukar Zende made the introuductory speech. Avinash Walunje introduced the principal orators. Meanwhile, the lecture series began from Maharashtra Day. Editor of Zee 24 hours Uday Nirgudkar had delivered first lecture of the series on the subject ‘Meaning of Uttar Pradesh elections’.