Three officers in NMC transferred


Nashik : Officers who had been working at one place for more than three years have been transferred. Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna has transferred three officers of executive engineer grade. Officers of deputy engineer grade will be transferred soon.

The then Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pravin Gedam had transferred employees and engineers who had worked on important posts in many departments for many years. As transfers on large scale took place for first time in history of NMC, justice was provided to many through these transfers, but officers had not been touched.

On the backdrop of this, Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna issued transfer orders of three officers who had worked at the same place for more than three years.

Executive engineer in town planning department Sanjay Ghuge had completed six years on the same post. He was transferred to sanitation department (Satpur, Ambad). Executive engineer from construction department P B Chavan was transferred at his place, but there was no change in his earlier responsibility of housing scheme and maintenance of NMC buildings.
Ramsingh Gangurde was transferred at the place of Chavan. Executive engineer from construction department S Y Pawar has given additional responsibility of traffic cell. In addition additional responsibility of smart city project and Prime Minister Awas Yojna has been given to executive engineer P M Gaikwad.