Swaroop Agro launches ‘Swadhan’ series of fertilisers


Nashik : Swaroop Agro Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd which is in agriculture sector since last 24 hours has launched ‘Swadhan’ series of water soluble fertilisers of ‘solvz’ premium category to enter water soluble fertilisers field. Swadhan is available in six grades and will be available to farmers through more than 3500 distributors in country, informed executive director of Swaroop Agro Chemical Industries Sameer R Pathre and Himanshu Shah in a media briefing yesterday.

Crops get nutrients easily and in pure form due to Swadhan fertilisers. Fertilisers of ‘solvz’ category has been prepared using state-of-art chemical technology. Use of chemical fertilisers is reduced by 20-25% due to these fertilisers. Another feature of ‘solvz’ is its stable and controlled PH. Due to this, these fertilisers can be used equally in farmland having less or more acids. They solve very well in heavy and light water. They can be given through land or spray technique.

Company’s G-5 Bio-organic Granules got patent from Indian government in 2005 and Humigel and Vetonema are in line to get patent. 26 products of the company are certified by Pune’ certification agency NOCA. Company exports its products to China, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.