Students of New Era English School vow for advocating clean energy sources


Nashik: A session was conducted for class VIII and IX standard students of New Era English School. The chief guest and mentor of the session was Vedant Rathi, a budding entrepreneur of Nashik dealing with solar energy. He introduced the social awareness programme Sungram that his unit is involved in.

Students were made aware of the literal meaning of the term entrepreneur, along with some key concepts on how to become successful entrepreneur. The pros and cons on use of solar devices were discussed. Students even handled solar lanterns and torches and observed their working. This gave the students an experimental insight to cleaner energy sources.

An interactive session followed the discussion with brilliant questions coming up from the students. The session was a grand success. The excitement and curiosity of the students enriched the ambience of the session. The session was culminated with good thoughts to be cherished for long.