St. Francis High School, Rane Nagar


Nashik: A World Yoga Day was celebrated in St. Francis High School, Rane Nagar on Wednesday. Mr. Sharad Dandgavhal, Chief of Yogeshram Yoga Foundation, Nashik along with Neeta Nikam, Mr. Rajendra Bhavsar, Mr. Tushar Dandgavhal were invited to guide & grace the occasion.

This Yoga Day consist some of the most important Aasans like Brahmamudra,Chakrasan, Trikonasan, Tadasan, Vrikshasan along with Pranayams. Chief Guests and their assistants had given proper guidance to all the students very nicely.

It was a blessing for students of ‘Healthy Life’. It was a successful celebration & Head Master Sir Sanjay Patil, Supervisor Mrs. Manju Patil expressed their gratitude to the Guests.