Role of ‘Village Advisor’ decisive in rural development: Zagade


Nashik: Amid the recent farmers’ agitation and increasing incidences of suicide, an innovative idea of divisional revenue commissioner Mahesh Zagade will be of immense help to farmers to increase their agricultural income too.

Revenue Commissioner Zagade while interacting with Senior Journalists Forum at the government guest house here proposed a new concept of ‘Village Advisor’ (Gaon Sallagaar) with a broad view to deter the farmers from taking the extreme step and help them increase agricultural income considerably.

“Talathi, Gramsevak and other officials working in similar capacity will play a key role as a “Village Advisor” on account of their familiarity with the villagers and village economy,” Zagade said.

“The “Village Advisor” will help the farmers and villagers in overcoming psychological distress from their mind and to increase their mind power with positive thought. The role of Village Advisor will be decisive to change their mindset towards positivity,” he said.

The designated Village Advisor will focus on the loopholes which are hindering the growth of village, its economy and agricultural income of farmers.  “Almost every village is inclined to produce similar type of crops like onion, grapes, vegetables etc. As a result of which markets get oversupplied by these produce and eventually, the prices fall steeply leading to financial losses to the farmers.”

The role of Village Advisor will be crucial here to make the farmers “self-reliant”. He will pinpoint the loopholes and will advise on which crop should be taken. How to increase agricultural income by effective marketing, food processing wherever necessary etc,” Zagade further said.

The government has suggested ‘village development plan’ to improve its rural economy. The system will get exact information on the necessities of the villages, its fundamental requirements. However, as far as factors like farmer and the development issue of agriculture is concerned, need of “advisor” arises. The Village Advisor could turn out to be a decisive factor to uplift financial state of not only the farmers but other supporting constituents of the rural economy, Zagade further said.

Meanwhile, replying to a question on the ambitious “Samruddhi Expressway”, divisional revenue commissioner Zagade said that there was lack of effective communication between the land owners and the concerned government authorities which slowed down the progress of the project.

Talking about air connectivity, Zagade said, “During my tenure as the district collector, there was an extension plan in my mind to develop Gandhinagar airport. However, we failed to acquire the necessary 237 acres of land for the purpose.”