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मुख्य पान | Elections : Cantonment Board to get 6-month extension again
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Elections : Cantonment Board to get 6-month extension again
DEOLALI CAMP : In connection with the elections, the Defence Ministry had provided extension of six months to all 62 Cantonment Boards across the country, including Deolali Cantonment Board itself, in May 2013. This extension is ending on Dec 31, 2013. But, as the Ministry has not decided about conducting elections for Cantonment Boards so far, existing governing bodies of the Board will again get the 6-month extension as per the provisions of concerned act, senior officials of Deolali Cantonment Board administration informed on Monday.
The five-yearly elections had been conducted for all Cantonment Boards in the country in May 2008. Accordingly, the official term of governing bodies elected on these boards was expected to end in May 2013. But, due to some technical errors and incomplete electoral tasks, the Ministry had extended this term upto Dec 31, 2013. Cantonment Board administrations completed the tasks related to updating the voters’ lists, declaration of reservation for Wards and all related works during the period of extension.
All the reservations for this election were expected to be declared on the basis of Census 2011. But, the Ministry has received an objection upon irregular reservation for SC/ST Wards due to faulty Census in 14 Cantonment Board, including Khadki, among 62 in the country.
However, the Ministry still has not decided whether the elections should be conducted across all Cantonment Boards after clearing the matter of these 14 ones or announce the elections in Cantonment Boards except these 14. 
On this backdrop, senior officials of the Ministry have informed that the additional 6-month extension will again be provided to all Cantonment Board administrations in the country after Dec 31, 2013. Soon the official orders would be forwarded in this regard, they informed.
As the Cantonment Boards in the country have already got this type of extension for two times, it cannot be possible afterwards as the concerned act does not include further provisions for this extension.
All in all, as the five-yearly elections for Lok Sabha will be held in upcoming six months, existing governing bodies of all Cantonment Boards will be dissolved after June 2014 and valid boards will be appointed there, informed concerned officials.

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