Naam Foundation is a social movement: Anaspure


Nashik : “Every person lives for self, but while living for self it is necessary to live for others and to bring positive attitude in society. Satisfaction one gets through this is invaluable. Naam Foundation has been started to conserve feeling of humanity and it is a social movement. My term about sadness has been change since start of the Foundation. I am also fearing about a label of God is being given by society,” stated renowned actor Makrand Anaspure.

While delivering 10th lecture of ongoing Vasant Vykhyanmala at Godghat, he was speaking on the subject ‘Naam Foundation and social awareness’. The lecture was organised in memory of late Prof. Suresh Mene. Narendra Khade gave a cheque of Rs. 25,000 to the Foundation.

Makrand Anaspure said, “Naam is the social movement run by humans for humanity. Many people seeing goodness in the movement are contributing in it. We are taking efforts to widen and strengthen it, but it is a relay competition. We have to move further in coordination with each other and support.

“It is a shameful for us if farmers in the age group of 25 are committing suicides. Naam is providing strength to families of those committed suicides and creating positive attitude among them. Following Naam many social organisations have started various socially useful projects,” he informed.

Anaspure informed further that Naam had done water resources related works at 90 places last year. They are all free of tankers still today. This time works are going at 35 places in western Maharashtra and there is shortage of machineries.

On the subject of environment and water scarcity, he said that man has forgotten that he is not owner but driver here. Environment loss is taking on large scale due to this. Ground water level has deepen to 1000 feet. This situation will be more serious in future. If tree conservation and water are not used properly today, next generation have to face more serious difficulties, Anaspure made aware with this.