Mayor, office bearers slam health dept officials


Nashik : As Nashik Municipal Corporation got 1106 points only out of 2000 points during the survey under central government’s Swachh Bharat Mission, Nashik ranked 151st in the country. Around 10,000 citizens replied over telephone that they were not satisfied about cleanliness in city when they were asked.
Mayor Ranjana Bhansi strongly rebuked health department officials for this. After running ghantagadi project successfully by NMC, state and outside states followed the NMC, but it had come to light that NMC administration and health department were neglecting this project. NMC were paying money to contractors only, corporators had alleged many times. The recently declared list of cleanest cities in India showed this once again. Last year Nashik had ranked 31st and has slipped to 151st this year.
Taking information about on which issue the NMC got less marks and health department work, the Mayor slammed the health department. The meeting of health department was held at the Mayor’s cell in presence of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor Prathmesh Gite, NMC standing committee chairperson Shivaji Gangurde, BJP group leader Sambhaji Moruskar and Uddhav Nimse.
As work by the NMC was unsatisfactory on 9 points, the number of city has slipped to 151st, health officer Dr. Vijay Dekate informed. While clarifying about this Dr. Dekate stated that Nashik got less points on work by garden department not upto the mark, unsatisfactory work in manure project, pollution in Godavari, no underground sewage network in entire city, percentage of grab collector should be 50%, it is not in the city, non-availability of garbage bin, uncleanliness and dirt at railway station and bus stands, no segregation of dry and liquid waste and no production of compost fertiliser through garbage.
While deciding rank for the clean city, central government had kept 2000 marks. Nashik city had got 1106 points, Dr. Dekate informed and said that Nashik got 537 points out of total 900 points for presentation of documents regarding temples and tourism spots in the city. There were 500 points for cleanliness at railway station, bus stand area and questionnaire for citizens. Nashik received 292 points. In addition, 600 points were kept for a question to 10 citizens in the city whether cleanliness and cleanliness of garbage bins done regularly. Nashik got 277 points in it. In this Nashik received 1106 points out of the total 2000 points, Nashik ranked 151st in the country, he added.
Followed by this clarification by Dr. Dekate, they Mayor whether they repair lavatory in Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan. Replying to this, Dr. Dekate stated that lavatory was cleaned and letter was issued to construction department for repairing broken taps and doors.
When the Mayor asked about that there is no separate arrangement for dry and liquid waste in ghantagadi, Dr. Dekate informed that there is no separate arrangement in 26 ghantagadis in New Nashik and Panchavati. It will be improved soon, he replied.
As a temporary measure, use of plastic carry bags has been started in Nashik Road division on experimental basis, Dr. Dekate informed further.