Finally, city is free from open defecation


Nashik : The central committee conducted inspection for successful implementation of the programme to construct individual and group toilets in the country under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and declared a list of those which are free from open defecation. Nashik Municipal Corporation is among them. Pune Municipal Corporation has been declared free of open defecation again. As Nashik has become free of open defecation, some projects of central government will come to Nashik, informed Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna.

The central government declared list of those cities in the country which have become free of open defecation. Nashik Municipal Corporation, Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation having C grade, Mul, Dharur and Daryapur Municipal Council are among them. A target given for NMC to construct individual toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission has been completed. In addition, group toilets were also constructed. Arrangement of mobile toilets has been made at some places. After completion of these works, the central government declared Nashik city free of open defecation, the Municipal Commissioner informed further.

The QCI squad of central government had conducted inspection on July 18 and 19. The squad itself had selected some places and inspected them. After expressing its satisfaction over works in Nashik city, it had sent a report about this to the central government. Accordingly, Nashik city has been selected, the Municipal Commissioner stated. Nashik Municipal Corporation is only B+ Municipal Corporation which has been declared free of open defecation, he added. Pune Municipal Corporation was declared free from open defecation earlier. It has been declared again free of open defecation this year.

Swachh Maharashtra Abhiyan (urban) is being conducted under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. NMC had given a grant and target for construction of needy citizens to prevent environment and health related problems. Under this programme, NMC had given a grant of Rs. 12,000 each (in two phases) for 7,264 beneficiaries for construction of individual toilets. In addition, 25 group toilets have been constructed.

A grant of Rs. 8.85 crore has been distributed so far for construction of toilets. In addition, NMC had made awareness among people through banner, flex and pamphlet to prevent defecation in open and use of toilets. Good Morning squads were formed to penalise those found defecating in open and action was taken against guilty. Taking note of this, central government declared Nashik city free of open defecation.