Dog sterilisation in the dock


Nashik : As per instructions of the government, Nashik Municipal Corporation has been sterilizing stray dogs in the city through a contractor since 7-8 years. Though 5000-6000 dogs are sterilised every year, the number of stray dogs is not reducing. Citizens are facing difficulties due to the stray dogs. Citizens are expressing their anger as a rabid stray dog bit seven children in Rajratnanagar in New Nashik recently. As a result, there is suspicion over expenditure of lakhs of rupees on dog sterilisation.

NMC is spending lakhs of rupees every year on dog sterilisation for curbing the number of stray dogs. The contract of this work has been given to a contractor and sterilisation of dogs is being done as per complaints received from six divisions.

Expert doctors perform sterilisation operation on stray dogs in NMC-owned shops in the octroi naka area. These dogs are released in same area after taking care of them for some days after the sterilisation. The objective behind this is to limit number of stray dogs and ensure citizens do not face difficulties due to these dogs, but number of stray dogs has increased remarkably in 6-7 years. Citizens are experiencing this in New Nashik, Panchavati, Nashik Road and Satpur area at night. It is difficult for citizens to return home on foot or on two-wheeler.

A question about this was raised last year in NMC General Body Meeting. In addition, as stray dogs in most parts of the city and Ganeshwadi and Phulenagar are chasing two-wheeler riders during the night, citizens are terrorised. Stray puppies on large scale are seen in many parts of the city. On the backdrop of this, question is being raised that is contractor company sterilising the stray dogs or not.

It is making clear that NMC health department is sterilising 5000-6000 stray dogs every year in recent period, but number of stray dogs is rising rapidly in the city. If 5000-6000 dogs are sterilised every year, how there is increase in number of stray dogs in the city? Health department has no answer for this. NMC is trying to hide information about number of stray dogs in the city. As a result, dog sterilisation work is in dock. As contractor company is working after receiving complaints by citizens, the number of stray dogs is increased by many folds in many areas of the city. Many alert corporators had grabbed attention last year about this, but there is picture that lakhs of rupees of NMC is going waste.

Seven children from Rajratnanagar in New Nashik have been affected by this negligence. Citizens reacted angrily after a rabid stray dog bit the children. A time has come for new office bearers to examine whether money spend by the NMC is worth or not.