Cyber Security Awareness program held at RIS


Nashik: Cyber Security Awareness Program for students initiated by Nashik City Police was organized at Rasbihari International School by Vaishali Balajiwale, Tanmay, Vishakha and Jitesh who were the volunteers for this programme. Vishakha explained students about the Cyber crime.

She gave information about do’s and don’ts while accessing any social media site, online transactions or online shopping. Not to share the personal information, bank details, password, not to share bad images or message as all these activities are considered as cyber crime, she informed and insisted to be a Digital Citizen i.e.

Protect Private information, respect themselves and other, stay safe online, stand up to cyber bullying and balance the time. Students promised the cyber team to follow rules of Digital Citizen, if any wrong would happen around them, they would inform their parents or teachers and would not share password with anyone.

The team shared the Police Helpline number with students. In case, any students come to know about any cyber crime, they should immediately inform police helpline number. Student took an oath.

Adgaon police inspector Bardekar was invited as a guest for the seminar. He shared his experiences of handling the cyber crimes with students. He guided the students not to misuse technology, it is for their convenience.
The School COO K D Singh thanked the entire team for their valuable guidance.