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About Deshdoot.com

What’s more, the Deshdoot Group brings out a weekly yellow pages pullout, which is the first such initiative by any newspaper group in India. Other than that, its B&P Division publishes books on behalf of the Group, and has already produced 10 titles on diverse topics. The Deshdoot Group has also set up an Education Cell at Pune, which publishes books and periodicals of academic value for school students.

The Events Division of the Deshdoot Group organizes special events with mass appeal like exhibitions, conferences and seminars. And, to top it all, the Deshdoot Group of Publications works for social causes through its instruments like the Deshdoot Relief Fund, which is aimed at providing immediate aid to victims of natural disasters, and Madhurangan, which is an exclusive forum for women, to name just two.

The Deshdoot Group is committed to the adoption of the latest technology like Smartflow and SAP, which has enabled it maintain its high levels of quality. Similarly, incorporation of the Six Sigma philosophy of management clearly indicates Deshdoot’s desire to keep up with the times. Evolving into a world class multinational that combines eastern thought with western technology is the Deshdoot Group’s goal, which inspires its core team comprising more than 2,000 self-motivated individuals… As the poet Robert Frost famously wrote, “The woods are lovely dark and deep; but I have promises to keep; and miles to go before I sleep…”

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