City to get 12 new towing vans


Nashik : The city police are initiating various measures for improvement of the traffic system in the city. Soon, 12 new state-of-the-art towing vans will arrive in the traffic department to tow vehicles which are parked in no parking zones. Photographs of the vehicles will be taken before towing them. In addition, video shooting will also be done.

There is no discipline in the city traffic today. Vehicle parking along roads is largely responsible for this. Parking spaces in most areas have disappeared and vehicle owners are forced to park their vehicles along the roads, but due to indisciplined vehicle parking, traffic jams and mishaps have become common.

On the backdrop of this, a towing van service was started one year back, but there were complaints about damage to four-wheelers while towing them. This work was stopped within some months. Currently, police are lifting two-wheelers only, but it has come to light that untrained employees cause damage to them while handling them.

Currently, the contractor has deployed two separate vehicles for lifting of four-wheelers and two-wheelers. However, these vehicles lack many modern facilities and their capacity to lift the vehicles is less.

Considering this, Police Commissioner Dr. Ravinder Kumar Singal had decided to implement a system like Mumbai. Due to state-of-the-art towing vans, vehicle owners do not suffer losses. If there is adequate number of vans, action will be taken immediately against illegal vehicle parking. Four towing vans will be for four-wheelers, whereas eight towing vans will be for three-wheelers and two-wheelers.

These towing vans will have CCTV cameras. Employees have to do video shooting of the vehicle before lifting it. They also have to take photographs. The contractor has the responsibility to preserve this data for two months. Many times, vehicle owners claim that their vehicle was not at the spot mentioned. This CCTV footage will be useful at that time and clashes can be averted.

A tender process about this has been floated and this work is likely to be started from next month. After completion of some technical work, final decision over contractor is expected on August 14. While deciding on the terms and conditions for the tender process, the city police had studied the functioning of the towing vans in Navi Mumbai.

The contractor has to provide a total of 12 state-of-art towing vans. Four towing vans will be used for four-wheelers, whereas remaining eight vans will be given to four departments. Trained employees will be appointed on these vans. Meanwhile, hydraulic platforms will be used to lift two-wheelers. It will help in less damage to two-wheelers.