Ban liquor within 1 km radius of Ramkund, demands Sena


Nashik : Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has banned liquor sale within 1 km radius of principal pilgrimage centres in Varanasi, Mathura and Allhabad cities. On the lines of this ban liquor sale within 1 km radius of Ramkund area and Kalaram temple area, demands Shiv Sena in two proposals sent to the NMC town secretary.

After lending his support to liquor ban within 500 metre distance of state and national highways, Shiv Sena group leader in NMC has sent two proposals.

Do not give permission for liquor shops along the highways passing in the city. UP CM Adityanath Yogi has imposed a ban on liquor sale within 1 km radius of Kashivishweshwar temple in Varanasi, birthplace of lord Krishna at Mathura and Allahabad confluence. On the lines of this ban liquor sale within 1 km radius of Ramkund and Kalaram temple, states Shiv Sena in its two proposals sent to the town secretary department. These proposals should be discussed in NMC General Body Meeting and pass them, demanded Sena group leader Vilas Shinde.

“If highway no. 3 and Pune national highway no. 20 are taken by NMC for their repair and maintenance, private developers will be benefitted and average citizens have to face additional financial burden. It is wrong to hold all Nashikites for few people. There is a need to make amendment in section 23 of index, if one wants to make amendment in highway. This is impossible without approval by Parliament. SC took decision considering people. I sent two proposals for liquor ban,” informed Vilas Shinde.

If attempts are made to find loopholes in SC order, public interest petition can be filed. If this happens, citizens will hold all corporators responsible. Considering this pass both proposals in the General Body Meeting, Shinde demanded.