Ball of NDCC again in court of apex bank


Nashik : A meeting of board of directors of Nashik District Central Cooperative Bank was held finally yesterday with the Chief Minister in Mumbai to seek Rs. 178 crore. Following discussions with the Chief Minister, state Cooperation Minister Chandrakant Patil ordered the state co-op bank officials to give Rs. 178 crore to NDCC. As a result, the district bank’s ball is again in the state co-op bank, meaning apex bank’s court.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, state Cooperation Minister Chandrakant Patil, District Guardian Minister Girish Mahajan, MLA Devyani Pharande, Seema Hiray, Gulzar Kokani and Shirish Kotwal were present for the meeting held at the state secretariat. The District Guardian Minister, MLAs and board of directors of NDCC Bank explained the condition of the district bank.

The district bank had deposited Rs. 546 crore with the state government and Rs. 300 crore out of this was taken earlier. The board of directors insisted that the bank be given some amount out of the remaining deposit amount with the government. After realizing the critical condition of the district bank, the state Cooperation Minister ordered the state co-op bank officials to provide aid to the district bank. A meeting about this has been organised again today. Much will depend on the response of the state co-op bank.

Meanwhile, a meeting of board of directors of the district bank was held earlier with the state Cooperation Minister. The officials of the apex bank had refused to provide aid to the district bank. They had advised the recovery of Rs. 100 crore out of outstandings and regularisation of bank transactions. The picture about whether apex bank will provide aid or not will become clear today.

The discussions over seeking an amount from deposit amount lasted for half-an-hour, but there were no discussions on loan distribution to farmers, delayed transactions of the bank and deposits of members. As a result, loan distribution for kharip season remained pending. Besides this, as there were no discussions on transactions of account holders, prospects of this issue being resolved appear dim.