46 farmers end their lives in the district


Nashik : Farmer suicides in the district are rising and 46 farmers ended their lives so far this year. Number of suicides is highest in Nandgaon taluka. 9 farmers from the taluka ended their lives.

Drought like situation, excess rainfall and debt are prime reasons behind farmer suicides. It is also stated that non-availability of crop loan from the district bank and very less price to agriculture produce are also reasons behind suicides by farmers.

Since last few years, farmer is becoming helpless due to natural calamities and debt. He is not getting the expected price for his agriculture produce. As a result, farmers are opting for suicides.

46 farmers from Nashik district had decided to end their lives in the period from January 2017 to first week of June. Last year, highest number of farmer suicides took place in Niphad. This time, farmers from Nandgaon taluka have started to embrace death. Nine farmers ended their lives in last five months. Followed by this 7 farmers from Malegaon taluka ended their lives. Six farmer suicides took place in Niphad taluka. One female was among them. This became the first case in the district where woman farmer committed suicide. Farmer from tribal area like Surgana committed suicide for first time.

Highest number of suicides took place in May. 16 farmers ended their lives in this month. 11 farmer suicide instances happened in April, informed sources from district administration.