22% water stock left in district dams


Nashik: As temperatures have soared above 40 degree Celsius, currently, 14,601 MCFt means 22% water stock is left in 7 large and 17 medium dam projects in the district. Last year, only 7% water stock was left at this time. As there is satisfactory water stock in the district dams, the number of tankers has reduced remarkably this year. Last year, 176 tankers were utilised in the district. This time 42 tankers have been utilised to supply water.

Water had to be supplied to the villages witnessing drought like condition through 176 tankers in last some years at the beginning of summer itself. The number of villages has been decreased this time due to satisfactory rain.

Though there is satisfactory water stock in the dams, evaporation is taking place at fast pace due to scorching heat. Last year, eight dams in the district had gone dry completely. This time Punegaon, Nagasakya and Manikpunj dams have gone dry. Remaining dams have currently 22% water stock.

The Gangapur dam which is supplying water to Nashik has 2264 MCFt (40%) water stock. Kashyapi dam has 1326 MCFt (72%) water stock and Gautami Godavari has 87 MCFt (5%) water stock. Gangapur dam group has total 37% water stock.

Palkhed has 240 MCFt (37%) water stock, whereas Karanjvan has 347 MCFt (6%) water stock. Waghad has 61 MCFt (3%) water stock. Ojharkhed has 330 MCFt (15%) water stock. Tisgaon has 43 MCFt (10%) water stock, whereas Darna has 1776 MCFt (25%) water stock. Bhavali has 106 MCFt (7%) water stock. Mukne has 728 MCFt (10%) water stock and Waldevi has 145 MCFt (13%) water stock. Kadva has 321 MCFt (19%) water stock, whereas Nandurmadhyameshwar has 44 MCFt (17%) water stock. Chankapur has 906 MCFt (37%) water stock, while Haranbari has 347 MCFt (30%) water stock and Kelzar has 36 MCFt (6%) water stock. Girna has 4722 MCFt (26%) water stock, whereas Punad has 626 MCFt (48%) water stock, informed the district administration.

Last year the district dams had 4362 MCFt (7%) water stock at the beginning of May. As water stock is higher by 15% this year, water scarcity like situation is better this time.